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Artist Statement

The concept of ‘non-objective painting’ and the idea of ‘non-objective composition’ have been the underlying concerns of my art for many years.  I have evolved my interest in non-objective composition from the inherent abstraction in music, especially western classical music, and from my childhood impressions of nature at Chiri Mountain, Korea.

As a child born and growing up until I was six in a small mountain village called Sanchung in Korea, which is surrounded by many high peaks (1,915 meters at highest) of Chiri Mountain, I developed respect for the mountain, especially for the internal energy of the mountain.  Observing its phenomenal changes from a dark gray rocky mountain in winter to an amazingly beautiful pink azalea covered one in spring were breathtaking moments.  For me, soil, air, and rain have the power to create miracles of life.  I feel we are all born out of them.  When I think of nature, I think of the energy behind these fundamental elements of life.  It is so abstract that I can express my feeling of it only through non-objective form.

When I listen classical music, I am amazed at the beauty of the harmony of many different musical instrumental sounds and the ability of a composer who creates such music in completely non-objective form of art.  My ambition to create such music-like painting has grown since my college year in Korea during my reading of Wassily Kandinsky’s Point and Line to Plane and Concerning the Spiritual in Art.  I saw the possibility of all the visual elements harmonizing beautifully like in music.

My art form mostly consists with three different non-objective two-dimensional works; Symphony series, Music series, and Mixed media series.  In Symphony series, I usually use acrylic paint and paint brush to capture symphony-like harmony of curvilinear lines and colors.   Music series is made of 1.5 x 1.5 inch cut-up pieces of oil painting glued onto 24 x 24 inch wooden board.  I try to capture the ‘time’ element by giving 0.5 inch space between the small square pieces that meant to be notes in music.  Mixed media series works are created using many different material such as rice paper, silk, brown paper, oil and acrylic on canvas or wooden board.  Most of this series works contain dominant amount of semi-rectilinear lines and shapes, therefore more poetical or philosophical rather than musical since the semi-strait line quality gives slower movement and meditative feeling.

With my art, I try to create non-objective visual compositions to express music, poetry, and philosophy in my mind.